I believe speech and language skills impact all aspects of an individual’s life.
I believe intervening early leads to the most positive outcomes. I believe in providing high quality intervention services to help individuals achieve positive improvement in their communication abilities. I believe in fostering connections, building relationships with children and their caregivers, and empowering parents to support their child’s development and progress in a positive way.

Speech and language pathology is a fascinating field, and my passion for this profession has not waivered.   My skills have been honed from 18 years of hospital-based, clinical experience with exposure to a wide range of speech and language disorders. Individualized treatment sessions are high energy and high productivity, maximizing practice opportunities, and utilizing fun, creative activities.  Parent involvement and support is extremely important, and private speech therapy allows for close contact with caregivers to occur regularly.   Time is spent after each session reviewing progress and providing suggestions for home.   When we are all working together, we facilitate greater progress!

I also enjoy community-based education opportunities, utilizing my knowledge and expertise to teach others about speech and language skills, and to promote increased awareness, identification and treatment of speech-related disorders.

If you feel your child may be struggling with his or her speech or language skills, please call and we can discuss whether or not a consultation or evaluation is indicated. If intervention is recommended, the earlier the child receives speech and language therapy the better his or her outcome will be. Contact me at (401) 261-6490 or